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Tamagotchi Version 5.5 aka Celebrity

  • Celebrity / V5.5 = U.S. / Canadian Version
  • Royal Famitama = Japanese Version

This version tamagotchi is EXTREMELY similar to the Familitchi/Famitama, however, it has some different characters which are celebs, hence the name Celebrity. The jobs, games, items, training items, etc. are also different.

PAUSING is exactly the same as Familitchi. Go to the TV. icon > select Travel Show > After the tour select "Yes".

Celebrity Charts

Celebrity Games

As your tamagotchi grows up, the number of available games to play will increase to a total of six (6) games.

To sign and receive Tama Fan Mail, use buttons A and B. Make sure to avoid the bugs.

Jump on the floatation device to get across the pool by pressing button B.

Move left by holding button A and pressing button C to hit the ball.
Move right by holding button B and pressing button C to hit the ball.
If the ball moves to the middle, simply press button C to hit it.

Use buttons A and B to select the numbers that match the ones above. Press button C when your numbers are correct. Continue this routine until the safe is opened.

(with Father)
Shoot some pool with your dad. Time your shot correctly and press the B button to shoot.

(with Mother)
Find the correct jewel by using the A button to choose and B button to select.


The bonding level of your tamagotchi is basically the same thing as in the Familitchi. The type of characters you get can depend on the level of bonding.

0% to 30% = Low Bond Level

40% to 70% = Medium Bond Level

80% to 100% = High Bond Level

Raising bonding level: How this is done is mentioned above in the FAQ. I'll go a bit in depth here.

Items that raise bond - Dollhouse (3pts), Home Theatre (3pts), Magokorotchi (3pts), Glammophone(1pt), Famous Painting(1pt), Safe(1pt), Planetarium(1pt), Satelite(1pt), Game Console(1pt), Ferris Wheel(1pt)

Raising bond via games - Your tama should win games when connecting with another V5.5. Bond is also raised by playing the games with the parents ().

Training Times - Your tama will call for training at certain times throughout the day. Times when they should call are: 9:30AM , 1:00PM , 4:00PM , 5:30PM , 7:30PM.     You can set your time to 1 minute before the hour (e.g. 12:59PM) so that you can train them.

NOTE: Bonding level on the screen is from 0% to 100%. The levels raise by 10% (100pts). For the bonding to go up by 10%, you have to use a 1-pt item x100, or a 3-pt item x34, because the bonding is internally measured on a scale of 0 to 999pts. (Thanks to binary from Tama Talk for this info!)

Special Items

Here are some items that can be used to change a character into another.
  • Mametchi changes to Eiyuutchi = Golden Bean (snack)
  • Memetchi changes to Antoinetchi = Chest (item)
  • Modeltchi (underweight) changes back to normal = milk (meal) / 3-way mirror (item)
  • Puddingtchi (overweight) changes back to normal = health bar (snack) / massage hands (item)
  • Paparatchi (constantly unhappy) changes back to normal = caramel candy (snack) / perfume (item)

NOTE: (neglected/bad care characters) Only adults can be changed back to normal. Parents will be stuck in that form.

Here are some ways to fill happy/hunger hearts faster.

  • Fill 3 HUNGER hearts = fried rice, bread

  • Fill 3 HAPPY hearts = calendar, ice pop, carriage, dining table, Tama Store model

Codes For Celebrity Tamagotchi

Get 1000GP FREE!!!    [[Info from TamaTalk via binary]]

*Note from binary: These codes work only on the V5 Celebrity and V5.5
These codes do not work on the regular V5

Note: Some characters are listed twice, because some can be male or female. In this case, if one password doesn't work, try the other.

Step 1. Determine the name of your main character (the one in the center of your screen, or listed first in the status screens.)

Step 2. Activate the connect icon (upper right corner of your Tamagotchi screen) and select the PC menu entry.

Step 3. When the login password appears, press the B (middle) button. The logout password prompt will appear.

Step 4. Enter password corresponding to the character type from the link above. (Note: there are two entries for some characters, because some characters can be either male of female. If one doesn't work, try the other.)

Step 5. Watch as your V5 Celebrity collects a 1000 GP prize.

Here is a link to a website where you can generate logout codes to get different things for your tama, including Gotchi Points (GP), items and meals. Code Generator

All you have to do is enter the log in code and choose what you want and after you get the log-out code enter it into your tamagotchi.


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